Get Your Culcha For Free

Okay, I’m from Boston and you know that we don’t like pronouncing our “R’s”, but what’s better than culture? Free culture! If you have a Bank of America check, credit or ATM card, then you’ll be eligible to go to museums for free on the 1st weekend of every month. This weekend if you bring your BOA card along with your ID, you’ll be able to get into the

  • Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (a perennial favorite of my family)
  • The Harvard Museum of Natural History in Cambridge (which I visited in the spring with my nieces and we all really enjoyed it, especially all of the beautiful geodes)
  • The Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham
  • The Decordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln
  • Get more information on BOA program for getting into museums for free.

    Looking to save on entrance fees without going with the crowds on these free weekends? Then check out your local library. The Medford Public Library even lets you reserve passes online for great museums like the Science Museum, The Peabody Essex Museum (which I highly recommend if you haven’t been there since their major renovation), and the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum. Check out their website to see the entire list and then enjoy a wonderful day of art, nature or science and only pay for parking!