An Alternative to Paying Tax Today

The cartoon character Wimpy would say that he’d gladly repay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. Some real estate investors say a similar thing to Uncle Sam to be able to hold on to their proceeds from the sale of an investment and agree to pay the tax later. The […]

Attracting Buyers

There is a common body of knowledge among real estate professionals that indicates that the longer a home is on the market, the lower the price will be. Many sellers discount this belief in the beginning because they feel confident their home will sell quickly. Lowering the price is the […]

Tax Savings-Improving Your Home

As a homeowners, you can raise the basis or cost of your home by spending money on capital improvements. If you find yourself in a capital gain situation when you sell your home, raising you basis can help save you money on capital gain taxes. Sometimes people are confused about […]

Safety When Selling

When you are selling your house and it first goes on the market, it’s very exciting. ¬†Potential buyers will “drive by” your house to check out how it looks from outside and to see if the neighborhood feels right to them. ¬†(Yes, this is a time when a “drive by” […]

What’s An Agent?

Being someone’s agent is an important role.  It creates a fiduciary relationship where the agent must work in the best interests of their principal.  Often a homeowner refers to the person they bought their insurance from as their agent. It sounds reasonable but it’s not accurate. That person is the […]

Selling a Temporary Rental

Some people who bought at the height of the real estate market decided rather than sell their home at a loss, kept the property and rented it out – choosing to wait until the market recovered.   It’s a valid strategy but there are time restrictions that could have serious […]

5 Top Uses for a Market Analysis

A market analysis can be a very useful thing but many people only think about getting one when they are considering selling their house. However, there are other times when a market analysis is either necessary or just handy to have. Here are my 5 top uses for getting a […]

Electronic Signing

Technology continues to change the way real estate transactions are done. A few years ago I started using electronic signature software for my clients. This has greatly simplified signing documents for both local clients and people from out of state. Scanners have made it easier to read real estate contracts […]

Selling With A Tenant – Part 3

In the 3rd part of my series on selling real estate with a tenant, let’s look at larger multi unit properties – those with 4 or more units. Once you have a property with more than 3 apartments, you are solidly in the land of investors. Owner occupants aren’t interested […]

Multi Unit Investment Property

selling a 2 family or 3 family home

Selling With a Tenant Part 2

We’ve already gone over how to sell a condo with a tenant. Today let’s discuss how to sell a multi family home with a tenant. If you own a 2 or 3 family home you’ll want to look at who the most likely buyer will be: If your property is […]

Selling a Condo with a Tenant

Selling a piece of real estate in most markets can be a challenge. When you are selling a property that has a tenant or tenants in it, it adds another layer of complexity to the sale. Over the next few weeks, I’ll discuss different tenant scenarios. Today let’s assume that […]

Selling a Condo with a Tenant

Moving day when selling your house

Staying Sane on Moving Day

We’ve already discussed preparing for the walk through so today I want to talk about the process of moving out. After many years of helping people sell their homes, there’s one universal truth about moving out that I’ve learned. . . it takes longer than you think! I know how […]

Paying Closing Costs For The Buyer

When you are selling a house, there are many facets to an offer. Today we’re going to discuss closing costs. Some buyers will ask you to pay their closings costs as part of their offer on your house. Sometimes you’ll come to an agreement on the price and then the […]

Paying Closing Costs When Selling Your House

Your Home’s Photo/Video Shoot

When you’re selling your house, buyers will be introduced to your home online and the quality of your photos and video will determine if a buyer will even come take a look at your house in person. It’s best if your home always looks like something out of HGTV when […]

Preparing For The Walk Through

We’ve already talked about what needs to be included when you are selling a home. Today let’s discuss what can’t remain behind. Your buyer will have the right to do a walk through the house prior to the closing. As the seller, it’s your responsibility to have the house empty […]

The Appraiser is Coming

How do you get ready to have an appraiser come look at your home? Prepare just like you would for a showing. The bank appraiser’s job is to justify the sales price to the bank, so you’ll want your house to look its best. Don’t be worried if you have […]

Condo Association Hurting Your Sale?

If you want to sell a condo in today’s real estate market, there are 3 items to check with your condo association before you put your condo up for sale: Owner occupancy – Most buyers today don’t have a 20% down payment. If you want to open up your condo […]

Feedback You Need To Sell Your Home

When you’re selling your home, it’s very important to get feedback on these 3 points: 1. Market Level – This answers the question “What’s going on in the market?” by asking a lot of other questions How quickly are properties like yours selling? How many months of inventory are currently […]

What’s Included When Selling A House?

You’ve decided that it’s the right time for you to sell your house. Most of the items in your home are yours to take with you when you move but a few are not. There are 2 categories that sometimes cause confusion deciding what is supposed to stay with the […]

Ronco-Matic Pricing & Selling Houses

When selling a house, the asking price you choose will help determine how much activity you get. Today I want to talk about the finer details of pricing that most people don’t think about. For years real estate followed the Ronco-matic style of pricing. Instead of $19.95 for a blender […]

Outstanding Liens When Selling

When you are selling a home, you need to give the buyer “a good clear record and marketable title”. What that means is that all previous liens must be paid off or discharged before the buyer takes ownership of the property. Real estate contracts allow you to use the proceeds […]

Sellers Can Skip The Closing

If you’re selling a piece of real estate in Massachusetts, you don’t need to physically attend the closing. This can save you time if you’re in the midst of moving into your new home, or just free up extra time in your schedule. Follow these 3 steps and you can […]

Make Your House Showing Friendly

I’ve been trying to show a house for sale in Medford. The listing agent is a good agent. I’ve worked with him before and I respect him. Unfortunately, in order for this house to be shown, he needs to meet buyers and their agents and “escort” them through the house. […]

Accompanied showings - can't get into house

3 Ways Not To Sell Your House

    Selling your house can be stressful, but there’s nothing worse than getting your house ready for sale and then having no one show up. It’s like being the wallflower at the school dance, watching as everyone else gets asked to dance while you try to look uninterested. In […]

Scents, Smells & Selling A House

There’s an old saying in real estate “If I can smell it, I can’t sell it”. If your home has strong unpleasant odors, you want to eliminate those smells so a buyer won’t literally turn up their nose at your house. However, some people like to use scented candles, potpourri […]

Smelly Homes Stop Home Sales

4 Ways to Sabotage Your Sale

I may not be on late night TV, but here’s my list of the Top 4 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your House Setting Your Asking Price Too High – Many times sellers feel they can “always come down” and “this way the buyer has room to negotiate” but the […]

Selling Your Home During Halloween

You’re probably thinking, “What’s the big deal about selling a home during Halloween – it’s not a major holiday”. That’s a very good point, but I’m starting to notice a trend that can affect your chance of selling if your house is on the market right now. More and more […]