Smile – Google Camera’s In Town

If you see a car with a funnyGoogle Street View Camera helmet looking attachment on top of it, smile because it’s the Google Street View camera. We’ve spotted the car driving through the streets of Medford and Somerville updating their maps.

Electronic Signing

Technology continues to change the way real estate transactions are done. A few years ago I started using electronic signature software for my clients. This has greatly simplified signing documents for both local clients and people from out of state. Scanners have made it easier to read real estate contracts […]

Stop Advertising Your Cell Phone Carrier

Do you use a iPhone or Android phone? Send yourself a test email and then look at the bottom of the email. Every email you send from your smartphone probably says something like “Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone“.  Unless Verizon or the other smartphone carriers start paying us for […]

Recycle Your Electronics & Make $

Did you get a new Wii or Iphone for the holidays and now don’t know what to do with your old phone or XBox? I’ve just come across a very cool site called Gazelle. This company buys old electronics like camcorders, cellphones and MP3 players. Rather than just recycle the […]