Condo Market Update

Today I was in the mood to do some number crunching, so I took a look at the condo market and what’s been happening over the last 6 months.

Greater Boston Condo Sales 2009

Condo sales and on market statistics June 2009*

There are a wide variety of condos in each city. They range from small associations in converted 2 or 3 family houses to high rise condo buildings like Station Landing which is a city within a city.

Now if you’re thinking of selling a condo in Somerville, dont’ be discouraged by the fact that there are 11 months of inventory on the market right now. That figure shows how long it would take for every condo currently for sale in Somerville to sell. Some of the units are so overpriced, they aren’t truly on the market (IMHO of course.) The condos that are priced right, will sell. I closed on a condo in Somerville this week that I sold in 38 days.

The same hold true in Medford. Although the average days on the market for condos in the city is 115, if you price your condo right and market it well, you can sell much fast. I sold this Medford condo in 11 days for its full asking price.

Whether you sell or sit on the market comes down to the basics – location, condition, price and marketing.

* Source MLSPin