Consideration When Buying

Keys in Hand Small.jpgWhen you’re buying a home, “consideration” is usually the price and terms, but in today’s current active market, being courteous towards the seller could help you successfully buy the home you want.

Put yourself in the seller’s shoes and imagine opening up your home to the public.  A house is a property but a home is someone’s sanctuary – a place were they not only live but also where they have created many memories so there is a lot of emotion attached with selling a home.

  1. Be on time for your showing.  I’ve had buyers and their agent show up early while the seller is still in the shower or show up late after the seller has just returned after purposely taking the family out of the house for the showing.
  2. Respect the seller’s privacy.  The seller is selling their house, not their life.  Feel free to open up kitchen cabinets and closets, but there’s no reason to open furniture drawers.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Try to focus on critical items of a home like location, floor plan, layout, size and not dwell on cosmetic items that are easily and inexpensively changed.
  4. Limit your visits until you actually own the home.  It’s natural to be excited and making plans to move into your new home but it is still the seller’s until closing and they’re making plans to move too.

Showing consideration to the seller about things that don’t have anything directly to do with price can actually benefit the buyer.