Electronic Signing

Electronic Signing for Real Estate TransactionsTechnology continues to change the way real estate transactions are done. A few years ago I started using electronic signature software for my clients. This has greatly simplified signing documents for both local clients and people from out of state. Scanners have made it easier to read real estate contracts are they are sent around for signature. However there are still agents who don’t use a scanner so even a one page change document can be difficult to read once it’s been faxed 2 or 3 times in order to get all of the parties’ signatures. I want to make sure that my clients can read (and understand) these very important and legally binding documents!

Electronic signing is easy and can be done on any computer or smartphone. The document remains clear and easy to read. As an extra bonus – this also saves paper. We used to need 4 copies of each Purchase and Sale Agreement (which run anywhere from 7 – 20 pages each). With electronic signatures, everyone receives an electronic version so no trees are cut down :)

I’ve had clients sign and accept offers on their properties while in Europe, on family vacations and even on the T commuting home from work!