Feedback You Need To Sell Your Home

When you’re selling your home, it’s very important to get feedback on these 3 points:

Feedback when selling your house
1. Market Level – This answers the question “What’s going on in the market?” by asking a lot of other questions

  • How quickly are properties like yours selling?
  • How many months of inventory are currently for sale?
  • How many homes will your house be competing against?

2. Online Activity – It’s important to know if your real estate agent’s online marketing is being effective. We make a website for each property that we put on the market and track the activity.

3. Showing Feedback – A buyer has come to see your house. Now we want to know what the buyer and their agent thought about the house. I use a form that makes it very easy for agents to let us know what the buyer thought of your property. As soon as an agent fills out the feedback form, it’s sent directly to both of us by email.

Monitoring the feedback on these 3 key points will help make sure that your house is positioned well in order to sell and not just sit on the market.

Photo credit Kevin Shorter