Green Your Office

In today’s challenging economic times, greening your office is a win/win proposition. Use the following tips to not only reduce the amount of waste your office generates, but also to save money:

  • Use a fax service like Maxemail so that you receive your incoming faxes as PDF files
  • Use a scanner and send PDF files of documents rather than faxes to cut down on paper use for your clients as well
  • Use duplex printing as often as possible so you use less paper
  • If you have windows that can open, enjoy the fresh air as often as possible rather than use air conditioning
  • Recycle your waste paper
  • Stores like Staples and Office Max have places for you to drop off ink jet cartridges so they can be recycled, too
  • Use a ceramic mug for coffee instead of disposable cups
  • Purchase a set of silverware for the kitchen or bring silverware from home rather than using plastic utensils and then throwing them away

Greener living helps the environment and our wallets. It just makes good business sense!