Home Energy Audit

home energy photoThe cold weather has begun and now is a good time to do a home energy audit. With the exception of your mortgage payment, your next largest expense as a homeowner is utilities and energy is the major component. There are lots of contributing factors such as air leaks in your house, the amount of insulation (or lack of!), heating and cooling equipment, water heaters and lighting.

MassSave offers a great service where they will come out to your house and conduct an energy assessment for free. They’ll help you decide what energy saving options make the most sense as well as let you know if there are any rebates or special financing available. (I converted my home to gas heat with a 0% interest heat loan thanks to MassSave.)

It’s estimated that 75% of the electricity to power home electronics is consumed when your products are turned off. Computers, monitors, TVs, cable and satellite boxes, DVRs and power adaptors are spinning your electric meter even when they’re not being used.

Unplugging devices can actually make a difference in the size of your electric bill. Plugging several of these offenders into a power strip with a single on/off switch may make the task easier. Most computers have options to put them into sleep mode or even turn off when not in use.

Whether it’s installing insulation through a MassSave program or turning off a power strip that has all of your electronics chargers plugged into it, saving energy is good for the environment and good for your pocketbook!