Home Inventory

How old is your bedroom furniture and what did you pay for it? Don’t know? That’s okay, let’s try an easier question. When did you buy the TV in your family room and is it LCD or LED?

Whether you are the victim of a natural disaster or a robbery, it’s comforting to know that you have insurance to cover the losses. Assuming you have contents coverage, the claim for personal belongings is separate from damage to your home.

You’ll be asked to provide proof of purchase, like receipts or a current inventory. If they’re not available, you can reconstruct an inventory from memory. The challenge is trying to remember things you may not have used for years and may not miss for years more.

Relying on your memory can be a very expensive alternative. Create a home inventory and take a video walking through your house. Don’t be afraid to open your closets and cabinets and video there, too. Your clothes, shoes, dishes, these all add up so make sure you have a record of them as well.

Keep a copy of the  video on the cloud so that you can access it even if your phone/computer are destroyed.