Make Your House Showing Friendly

I’ve been trying to show a house for sale in Medford. The listing agent is a good agent. I’ve worked with him before and I respect him. Unfortunately, in order for this house to be shown, he needs to meet buyers and their agents and “escort” them through the house. 3 times my client and I tried to schedule an appointment to see the house but he couldn’t meet us. I’m not blaming him or his schedule, we’re all busy. The issue is the very idea of accompanied showings. Do you think the seller knows that showings have been turned down because his agent is busy at the time a buyer wanted to see the house?

So how can you put your house for sale and make it as easy as possible for buyers and their agents to see your house?

4 Ways To Make Your House Showing Friendly

  1. Leave the house for all showings. Buyers need to feel comfortable opening the cabinets and closets. They need to try the house on for size and don’t feel comfortable doing this if the seller is home.
  2. Make sure the house is ready to show each morning. Pop the dishes in the dishwasher and make the bed. A last minute showing can be a great buyer.
  3. Use a lockbox. Gone are the days when real estate agents will pick up keys at the listing agent’s office. I’d rather have the keys securely at your house.
  4. Use a showing service to schedule showings on your house. My clients always know which agent is showing their house when and have the ability to confirm all appointments. We can block times that aren’t good for showings so that agents can see the time frames that are bad before they try to schedule a time with their client.

The easier your house is to show, the better chance you’ll not only find the right buyer, but they’ll also have the time and space they need to try the house on for size and want to make it their own.