More People Living in Medford & Somerville

More people moving in to Medford, Somervillle and the surrounding cities

Photo Credit – Stuart Richards

If you’ve been looking around Medford or Somerville lately and think that you are seeing more people, you’re right. Although some parts of Massachusetts are losing population, according to the U.S. Census, our area is growing. The Boston Business Journal has put together an interesting map showing how much population Massachusetts’ towns have been gaining or losing population since 2010. Here’s how our area stacks up:

Medford – 2% increase
Somerville – 4% increase
Cambridge – 2% increase
Melrose – 2% increase
Arlington – 3% increase
Malden – 2% increase
Stoneham – 2% increase

Right now the real estate market is very hot. There is a shortage of homes for sale in the area. The population increase over the last few years is adding more people to the demand for homes, condos and apartments.