New Smoke Detectors Rules

Make sure you have the correct smoke and carbon monoxide detectorsUnfortunately it’s not uncommon to be a real estate agent, walk into a house to show it and see a smoke detector near a kitchen or bathroom with the cover hanging open and the battery taken out. Cooking or steam from a bathroom can set off smoke detectors. Most people will pull the battery rather than put up with these annoying false alarms. A new state law is aimed to stop this from happening.

State law requires that the local fire department has to inspect every property before it sells to ensure that the property is equipped with appropriate working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Smoke detectors use either photoelectric or ionization technology to detect smoke and fires. The new smoke detector law requires that a photoelectric only smoke detector be installed within 20 feet of a kitchen or full bath. All other smoke detectors in the property much be either a combination photoelectric and ionization unit or you must have 2 separate detectors (one photoelectric and one ionization) in each location. Here’s a PDF file to download of the new Massachusetts Smoke Detector Requirements.