Not Put Propery In MLS??

Every morning I start my day by looking at all of the new properties and price changes that have come on the market. Today I saw something that I don’t understand. A house was just listed in the Multiple Listing Service (the database where all real estate companies share information about properties for sale) but was reported as already being for sale for 7 days. Let me first state that there are circumstances when this is allowed – the seller (not the agent) must request that the house not be put in the MLS and they must sign a form stating that they understand they won’t be getting the benefit of MLS and this form must be submitted to MLS. So there is nothing officially “wrong” with doing this, but as a listing agent, I just don’t get it!

I can’t think of a situation when it would be in the seller’s best interest to keep a listing only in one real estate office and not expose the house to the entire group of potential buyers. The more people who know a property is for sale, but better chance the seller has of getting the most money for the house. I spend a significant portion of my day working on marketing the properties I have for sale in text, photos and video and making sure they are everywhere a potential buyer might be looking on the web.

So I’m mystified. What do you think?