Parking in Somerville

parking meter photo

Photo by M Glasgow

We all know it – parking in Somerville can be difficult.  According to the city’s parking website, there are “more than 11,600 registered vehicles per square mile; roughly 7,600 more cars per square mile than Boston and almost 3,600 more than Cambridge”.  That’s a heck of a lot of cars vying for a parking spot and tickets can add up quickly at $50 each.  If you are a Somerville resident or you work in the city, you can now purchase more parking permits online, saving you a trip to the 133 Holland Ave parking office.  

I was just at the parking office this morning renewing my REALTOR parking permit (real estate agents can’t purchase parking permits online) and can offer you a tip to get in and out quicker if you need to go in person.  Print out the correct permit application and fill it in before you go.  Make sure that you have all of the necessary paperwork as well.  I was able to walk out with my parking permit in less than 15 minutes.