Real Estate Market Update Meford MA

Spring is in the air, but we’re not seeing a “typical” spring market, at least not yet in Medford. Spring is historically when the most number of buyers come out to look at homes. Normally by April there is a frenzy of sellers putting their homes on the market to coincide with the rush of spring buyers. That’s not happening so far. . .

Medford Real Estate Market Stats

Homes for Sale in Medford Today Versus 6 Months Ago

What does that means? Well, if you’re looking to sell, it’s a lot easier to get your house to stand out when there is less competition. If you’re looking to buy, it means you need to have patience in this market in order to find the right house.

If you’re a number cruncher like me, here are the latest statistics for real estate in Medford:
Medford real estate statistics April 2009

If you’d like to compare, here are Medford’s real estate statistics for January 2009 and the real estate market update for October 2008.