Reuse Before You Recycle

We all know that landfills are bad, but an even better idea than recycling an item is to find someone who will reuse it first. I’ve just had a great experience on This site is all about cutting down on waste and sharing with other people in your community. The process is simple . . . you post items that you no longer need and you’ll receive emails from people who would like what you’re offering. I recently put up 2 items I was no longer using – an ink jet printer that would only print in black and white and an old video camera. The people who responded made me feel like an early Santa! The woman who took the printer is starting a dog walking business and only wants to print in black and white. The video camera went to a high schooler who was very excited about making his own videos. I feel great – I helped people out and was good to the environment as well! You’ve got to love a win/win situation like that!

So, the next time you’re cleaning out your closets, see if you can find someone to reuse your old stuff before it gets recycled.