Sellers Can Skip The Closing

Signing the paperwork to sell your houseIf you’re selling a piece of real estate in Massachusetts, you don’t need to physically attend the closing. This can save you time if you’re in the midst of moving into your new home, or just free up extra time in your schedule. Follow these 3 steps and you can skip going to the closing:

  1. Sign the deed in advance transferring ownership to the new owner. Your signauture must be notarized. The deed is the only paperwork in Massachusetts that must have your original signature.
  2. Give a limited power of attorney to someone who will be attending the closing. Your real estate attorney is normally the best person to handle this. They will then sign the rest of the closing documents for you.
  3. Give your attorney a copy of your drivers license. This proves you are you to the buyer’s bank and the closing attorney.

That’s all there is to it! Some sellers do choose to be at the closing, but realize that it’s a choice, not a necessity in Masschusetts.