Curb Appeal

Selling a house is just like going out on a blind date.  The first 15 seconds can make or break your chance of a buyer liking your house. So this means that curb appeal is vital.

First of all, grab your phone and take a photo of your house.  Be objective.  It helps to look at the photo instead of looking at the house itself.  We get so used to the way our homes look that we get “house blindness”.  Yes there’s an actual term for when we no longer can see our house’s flaws!

Curb Appeal

5 Tips For Increasing Your House’s Curb Appeal

  1. Is your lawn neatly trimmed and edged, or is it possible your neighbors lost Pekingese is actually hiding beneath those long blades of grass that are gently waving in the breeze?  This is the time to make sure your edges are nice and straight, your hedges are trimmed and your grass is kept nice and short.
  2. Add some color with flowers. Not a horticulturist? Not a problem. Buy a potted flowering plant that doesn’t need care (as long as Mother Nature rains a little) like a begonia, petunias or pansies.
  3. Flowering plants are a great way to liven up a condo balcony, or put them on either side of the front door to frame it. Think of the front door as your initial smile on that first date – it should gleam.
  4. Now’s the time for a fresh coat of paint.  Painting your front door is a low cost way to make your house feel more inviting
  5. Lastly, make sure your doorbell works.  Even though you should be out of the house for showings, the real estate agent will ring the bell to make announce that they are coming in.  Don’t start off the showing on a bad note if the buyers do not hear your doorbell chime.

The next step is to work on preparing the inside of your house and getting your kitchen ready to sell.  Make sure to read what to do when buyers come over