Preparing Your Kitchen

Let’s work on the most important room in the house. . . The Kitchen. Most of our waking hours at home are spent in the kitchen and buyers will form their opinion of your house from this room. How do we show yours in its most favorable light? By making it appear as spacious as possible. Let’s work on the counter tops. Remove everything that you can possibly live without. does the blender need to be on the counter or can it be put away? Remove the spice rack and throw away the spices you never use of have turned into an unidentifiable glob. If you can’t imagine the morning without Mr. Coffee greeting you on the counter, okay, it can stay, but it should be alone. Most buyers complain that a house does not have enough counter space. It’s amazing how much counter space you will find underneath all of those unused gadgets and cookbooks.

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Before cleaning kitchenAfter cleaning kitchen