Staying Sane on Moving Day

Moving out when selling your houseWe’ve already discussed preparing for the walk through so today I want to talk about the process of moving out. After many years of helping people sell their homes, there’s one universal truth about moving out that I’ve learned. . . it takes longer than you think!

I know how busy it gets when you’re close to a sale. Don’t put extra stress on yourself by waiting until the last moment to pack. There is one way to not live surrounded by boxes and still keep your sanity – hire professional movers. If your budget doesn’t allow that, then start the packing process early by boxing up the things that you don’t use often. Things that can be put away early include:

  • Off season clothes
  • Books
  • Kitchen items (will you really be making waffles or a souffle in the last few weeks in your house?)
  • Some toys (the plus side to this is when you unpack those old toys at your new house, they’ll seem like new toys to your child!)

Take the day off from work on moving day even if you’ve hired professional movers. You’ll want to oversee the move.

There’s a lot of stress involved in moving out of a house especially when you have a deadline with the buyer’s walk through. To stay on track, begin packing early, download a moving checklist and plan for the move to take longer than you expected.