Stoneham Home Prices

The real estate market has been busy in Stoneham. Here is the latest info:

Stoneham Home Statistics As of December 2009

To get the full picture, you’ll also want to know how long it’s taking properties to sell. Single family homes in Stoneham are selling in an average of 80 days. Condos are taking an average of 171 days while the few multi family homes in the city have been selling in an average of 48 days.

Let’s compare this to what was happening in the Stoneham real estate market exactly a year ago:

Stoneham Home Statistics as of December 2008

What you’ll notice immediately is there are significantly less properties for sale this December than at the same time last year. However, many more properties have sold in the prior 6 months and more homes are currently under agreement. This is countered by the fact that home prices in all categories except multi family homes has continued to slide.

Curious to compare this to the real estate market last spring?

What will 2010 bring? Stay tuned as we find out!