Stop Advertising Your Cell Phone Carrier

Smartphone email signatureDo you use a iPhone or Android phone? Send yourself a test email and then look at the bottom of the email. Every email you send from your smartphone probably says something like “Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone“.  Unless Verizon or the other smartphone carriers start paying us for every email we send out, why advertise them?

Go into your smartphone’s email application, find the place for your email signature file and either just remove it or put in a link to your website or your favorite quote. It’s your email – make sure it says only what you want!

You might wonder why I care. I definitely got this attitude from my father (thanks Dad!). I remember going with him once to buy a car and he was adamant in telling the dealer not to put the dealer’s information on the back of the car. I have my father’s eyes (notice the glasses), his sense of humor (we’re Mel Brooks fans) and his intensity not to advertise someone else unless I truly want to!