The Appraiser is Coming

How to prepare for a real estate appraisalHow do you get ready to have an appraiser come look at your home? Prepare just like you would for a showing. The bank appraiser’s job is to justify the sales price to the bank, so you’ll want your house to look its best. Don’t be worried if you have some boxes around. By the time the bank appraiser comes, many people have started packing. Just stack the boxes neatly.

Appraisers will normally take photos of the exterior of the house, the neighborhood, the kitchen, all bathrooms and the living room. Depending on the bank’s requirements they might take more interior photos.

I bring comparable sales to go over with the appraiser along with a copy of the signed Purchase and Sale Agreement. Banks are going over appraisals very carefully lately so it’s important that we have good comparable houses that have recently sold near your property to support the sales price.