The Key to Changing Your Locks

Most people change the locks as soon as they move into a new home and never touch them again. Other times when it’s wise to change the locks is when keys are lost, stolen or unreturned; such as if a service provider hasn’t returned the key. Change your locks

Replacing the lockset would give you a totally new mechanism and if you go back with the same manufacturer, you’ll probably avoid any carpentry. You can order the locks online or get them at most hardware stores.

Another alternative is to have a locksmith rekey them. The locksmith can easily make all of the locks work with the same key. This is very convenient, especially if you have a rental property. Many times I meet with a seller of a 2 or 3 family home and they have 5 – 10 keys for the property. Consider rekeying the property so that each apartment has its own individual key but that you as the owner have 1 master key that opens all of the doors.

While you’re considering your security, a key safe or lockbox might be a very convenient addition. Most makers say that it is much easier to break into a home than a key safe. The cost is reasonable and you can attach it to your exterior wall. Generally, they’re combination locks that would allow you access if you or another family member forgot their key. The combination can be easily changed if necessary.