Your Home’s Photo/Video Shoot

Preparing to photograph your house to sellWhen you’re selling your house, buyers will be introduced to your home online and the quality of your photos and video will determine if a buyer will even come take a look at your house in person. It’s best if your home always looks like something out of HGTV when buyers come to look. However, they will forgive you if something is slightly amiss during the showing. There is one time, though, when I insist on perfection – that’s when we’re taking the photos and video of your house.

A buyer will come look at your house 1, 2 or at most 3 times in person but they will go online and look at the photos and video of your house countless times while making a decision. They show the photos and video to their friends and family, share them on Facebook and ask others for their opinion.

Here are my minimum requirements to prepare for your home’s photo and video shoot when you’re selling:

  • Your house needs to be decluttered. If you’re not sure if you’ve decluttered enough, take a photo of the room and look at it. Photos are very objective and you’ll easily be able to see if there is still too much “stuff” in your room that’s distracting to a potential buyer.
  • Picture you room with 2 buyers, their real estate agent and either their parents or friends. What would your room look and feel like with 5 people in it? Do you have your furniture arranged so there’s only a narrow walkway? If you do, then either rearrange or remove some of the furniture.
  • My fabulous real estate photographer will put in a blue sky if the day is overcast or rainy. Buying a house is emotional. I want buyers to see your house with a beautiful blue sky. Dont’ start off on the wrong foot by having a gloomy, grey background behind your house.

Yes it take a lot of work to get a house ready for its photo and video shoot but you only have 1 chance to make a first impression so make sure your bedroom says, “I’m ready for my close up!”